1977Our Lady Peace - A Story About A Girl
歌名:A Story About A Girl
歌手:Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace - A Story About A Girl

Suddenly something I'm not
You're something that you bought
Was it something I said, my friend
A little girl are you tripping on this
Are you tripping all over it
You better come up for air

Story about a girl
Story about the world

And are you waking up slowly
You're nothing but lonely
Are you waking up holding
Holding your breath
And are you looking for something
I promised you one thing
I promise I'll always
Always be there

Baby girl, stand up and fight
This is not some paradise
Oh it's just where we live
And finally you think you're alright
And that it eats you up alive
You better get used to it

With all my faith
And all my heart
And all those simple things you are

I know
It's stuck inside your head
You're alone
You better get used to it
And I know
The feeling has to end
You're strong
It sucks you in again
And you're lost
You can't make any sense
This world
It tears you limb from limb
And hold on
You're nothing but the best