1185Natalie Imbruglia - Slow Down
歌名:Slow Down
歌手:Natalie Imbruglia
专辑:Counting Down the Days
Slow Down
Natalie Imbruglia

You got it the wrong way round completely
The fact that I love you so
Doesn't make me a fool
One day you just might grow tired of chasing
The end of a rainbow
Your already there you know
So Slow down
Tell me why you're running
Turn round
Let it out keep and keep it coming
Nothing I can do if I can't get to you
Slow down

Remember the day you came to see me
Even that lonely long drive
Couldn't keep us apart
And you opened up to me completely
And you gave me peace of mind
The rest we can leave behind
You don't have to hurt yourself
And feel so small
It's so confusing
And you're already there